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Explore On Foot

  1. Exploring Palambak on foot will take about 3 hours to cover 10km. It may get hot so be sure to bring drinking water. There is a short cut behind our toilet block: it will take 15 mins to reach the back. There are 3 resorts on Palambak Island: MBPIR, Palambak Point (which is on our side and has the Jetty) and Palambak Paradise. If you sit quietly on the jetty at Palambak Point in the afternoon, you may see turtles coming up for air. Other wise we can take you to the Turtle Watching spot in the afternoon.

Explore By Kayaks

  1. We have 4 kayaks for free use, which can be used to go around Palambak or even just use out the front. Some guests have even kayaked to Palambak Kecil (the smaller island on the other side of Palambak) but be careful and avoid you are not caught out in bad weather. If you are quiet, you may spot turtles at the back of Palambak.



  1. There are some nice snorkeling spots 500m out on the right if you are looking out of your Bungalow. You can borrow snorkels and fins (or rent other Snorkels). Please rinse the equipment with tap water after use.


Fishing & Spear Fishing

  1. We have a fishing rod and spear gun for free use. You can fish off the shore.

Observing Crabs and Insect at Night

  1. . If you walk along the path behind the toilet block at night you will see many fascinating red crabs (inedible) and insects. Bring a torch.



  1. If you get tired swimming, you can rent many of the floaties to relax in the water.



  1. You can find peace and relax on the hammocks or bean bags. We have many books for loan in the Canteen.

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