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About MB Palambak Island Resort

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website. We have three accommodations on sumatra, Indonesia: MB Apartments in Medan, MB Camp Singkil in Singkil (Aceh) and MB Palambak Island Resort, located on Pulau Palambak (Palambak Island), Aceh Singkil.

Pulau Palambak is one of the 99 largely uninhabited islands which collectively make up Pulau Banyak (the Banyak Islands). 

situated off the western coast of Sumatera, between Simeulue and Nias.

Known for its white sand, corel reefs and clear water, the Banyaks attract visitors looking for untouched destinations. 

our accommodation and setting is definitely the most naturally beautiful in the banyaks, you can see by our untouched photos which show the inside of the rooms and the surroundings. We definitely try to please our guests with service and food and treat guests as family.

The most important thing for us is that guests are satisfied, so we offer many free activities like kayaking, fishing and Indonesian cooking lessons. We understand that holidays can be expensive so we don't want to charge for everything like at other places.

Some guests have expressed an interest in helping to clean up the beach. If you are interested please let us know.

Important to us is communication, but unfortunately, like everywhere on the banyaks, English is limited. so if you cannot express youself with out staff, please contact claudine by WhatsApp and we will try to help.

We can organize transport also, just contact us for more information.

Palm Trees
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