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Island Hopping Tours


This tour WILL VISIT SEVERAL ISLANDS (usually uninhabited) OR CORAL REEFS AROUND PULAU BANYAK. startING at 0900 from Palambak and endING at about 1700 aT PALAMBAK, Lunch will be packed since there is nowhere to buy lunch on the trip.


The standard tour Price starts at 1,200,000/1-4 persons and includes visiting Asok, Lambudung, Biawak & KARANG Piring. Basically the tour prices increase depending on how far you want to go.


The tour to Tailana/ Sikandang area costs 1,500,000/1-4 persons and can include tourist attractions like Air Dingin, Nago Resort (has a jetty good for photos but not for snorkelling).


Economical Tip:

1.If you are going to Tailana/ Sikandang after staying with us, you can do the Island Hopping tour on the day you check out. Start the Island Hopping tour at Palambak and end it at your next destination, so that you can pay your island hopping and transport in one go. 

2. share this trip with other guests.

Note that you must book a day in advance as demand is for transport and Island Hopping is high, especially in high season.


This trip is ideal in good weather, so if it is windy or stormy we can ask the Captain to delay to the next day.

what we will bring: lunch, water, snorkels & fins, a beach towel & fishing spools (to fish on the way).

What you should bring: a hat, sunblock, underwater camera, some dry clothes (if you get cold going wet from one island to the next), some snacks (if you get hundry due to the physical exercise).

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