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Geography & Sealife

The Banyak Islands is located in the Indian ocean, north of Nias and 29KM West Sumatra and comprises of about 308 square kilometers.

known for its substantial offshore coral reefs, pulau banyak has long been threatened overharvesting, damage from explosives, and geological disturbances.

The islands vary in their land cover; most are sandy with limited vegetation, while the larger islands have deep rainforests, swamps and are fringed by intertidal mangroves.

The Pulau Banyak area contains many varieties of stony Heliopora and branching Acropora types of coral. However, crown-of-thorns starfish are a significant problem. The fringing coral reefs are habitat to diverse species, including green and leatherback sea turtles, pelagic and coral fish, and varieties of octopus, lobster, and other sea life.

Palambak Island itself, uninhabited apart from the 3 resorts located on it, has a combination of rainforests, swamps and beautiful sandy beaches.

The weather is tropical, the most extreme weather is from March-August, so for these months take the ferry or be prepared to be stuck on either singkil trying to get to the island or the island trying to get back. For this reason, if your trip to the Banyaks is on the last leg leave a day spare on the mainland before your flight.

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